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Longest Increasing Subsequence

8 min
The goal is to build the longest subsequence of sorted numbers from a given sequence that can be in any order. For each number in the original sequence you can either choose to have it in the subsequence or not. Once you …
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Shopify's Architecture by Simon Eskildsen

2 min
A dive into Shopify’s multi-tenant architecture that allows them to failover between regions with zero downtime, move shops between shards, minimize the blast radius of catastrophes, as well as throttling and serving …
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Why do you always need getters and setters in Java but not in Python?

6 min
One of the first things Java programmers are teached to do when creating a class is making all attributes private and implementing getter and setter methods for those that need to be accessed by other classes. Meanwhile in …
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Recovering from a failed Kubernetes upgrade

4 min
The Kubernetes upgrade process changed in 1.8, meaning that the steps that used to work can now leave you with a broken installation. The steps below are the ones that worked for me to recover from a failed 1.7 to 1.8 …
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