João Vieira
The Free and Open Source Developers Meetup takes place yearly, on a weekekend between the last weeks of January and the first of February. It gathers about ten thousand open source developers and enthusiasts on Université Libre de Bruxelles to present, meet and discuss the current state and future direction of a multitude of open source projects and topics.

This year, the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of February was the one chosen. This was the third time I came to Brussels, in the middle of the winter, to attend what is one of my favourite conferences. It was the coldest of the three, with temperatures droping to -3ºC and the first time it actually snowed!

Nonetheless it was fuller than ever, gathering more than 10 thousand developers and entusiasts from all over the world. The Rust and Go devrooms where specially full with huge queues at the door. The usual advice of selecting one or two devrooms per day and holding to those continues to hold true, now more than ever. Otherwise you might find yourself spending more time in queues than listening to talks.

This year I spent most of the morning of Saturday in the Monitoring and Cloud devroom and the afternoon in the Go devroom. Sunday was split between MySQL and HPC, Data Science and Big Data devrooms.

Saturday’s highlights

From the “10 years of Python 3” talk:

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From the monitoring and cloud devroom:

From the Go devroom:

Sunday’s highlights

From the MySQL devroom:

From the high performance computing, data science and big data devroom:

All talks are available on FOSDEM’s YouTube channel or by room on the FOSDEM video recordings website.