About me

I am passionate software engineer and pro-European living and working in Lisbon. I love systems and software composed by simple, well-defined modules. Correctness is also rather convenient.

I was born in the last weeks of 1989 on an island in the Atlantic Ocean and there I grew up and lived until my seventeens.

I left Madeira for Lisbon to attend Instituto Superior Técnico where I later graduated from with a BSc and a MSc degree in Software Engineering and Computer Science.

While still in Madeira, I had a loft where I spent most of my free time developing websites, for what was a very different web, and running a couple of servers. At the time there was no Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS so I ran a mix of Conectiva Linux and FreeBSD. I later went through a wide variety of distros, from CentOS to Ubuntu. Of all, Arch was probably the one that had the longest stay.

I started programming more than fifteen years ago, still in Madeira, first in PHP and then in Python, which is still one of my favourite programming languages. Since then I learned a handful of languages, from Scheme to Java, C and C++, Lisp, Go, Kotlin, JavaScript and even a little Haskell.

Nowadays I am mainly interested in containers and all things involving Linux namespacing and cgroups, container orchestration, configuration management and monitoring.

I have also worked as a full stack engineer and have used Express, Flask, Django, and Spring on the backend and Angular and React on the frontend.